NZ Small Business Loans

Most banks do not like to provide business loans to people without taking property as security which makes it very difficult for a lot of self employed people and small business owners.

But there may be an alternative.

Simple Business Loans

We can now offer through a New Zealand bank;

  • Unsecured business loans of up to $75,000
  • Secured over business assets of up to $250,000

In almost all cases there is no requirement for your home to be used to secure the lending.

There is also no requirement to change your bank.

Best of all you can apply here online.

It costs you nothing to put in an application and the online application will take you less than 5-minutes.

What Sort Of Business Loan Do You Need?

These loans are perfect for NZ small business that require a no nonsense approach to fund their requirements.

This online application provides a fast and simple process which allows you to concentrate on your business.

Perfectly suited for;

  • Small businesses needing to fund cashflow and working capital
  • Small business needing to purchase assets
  • Even new businesses needing finance – but in this case you will need a business plan and cashflow projections

Loans are generally structured over 5-years.